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Oh Brother! Iraq Again.

Like so many others, I have a family member going to Iraq. This will
be Devin’s second tour. He works at a hospital maintaining medical
equipment, so hopefully he’ll be just fine.

I still remember seeing him at the hospital the day he was born. Now
he and his wife are the proud parents of a baby girl. My wife and I
are god parents to their daughter, which is such a huge honor that I
will always try to live up to. We just attended our niece’s baptism
this past weekend. Most of our immediate family was there, so it was

I deployed once to Bosnia. It was relatively safe, but in my job we
left the gates of our camp almost daily. We were one of the few groups
allowed to do so. I was responsible for the well being of several
young soldiers. Nothing will keep you alert like travelling around
with young men armed with M16s, 180 rounds, plus an M-60 machine gun
in the back of your Humvee.

So I know a little about what my brother is going through. But it’s
Iraq, he has a newborn, so it’s different. Looks like I’ll be saying a
lot of prayers over the next 6 months or so because I sure look
forward to seeing him and his family together again soon.

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