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Sarkozy Says Obama Naive, Egotistical

Sacre merde! French President Sarkozy says that President Obama is naive, egotistical. Sounds like Sarkozy is jealous.

But seriously, Obama has made one blunder after another. For example, he announced the U.S. wouldn't build a missile defense shield in Poland on the 70th anniversary of the German's invading Poland. Does anyone in either the State Department or the White House have an Almanac? Never mind, it's all Blackberry and iPod these days. No time to flip the pages of some dead tree book before offending loyal allies.

Of course Sarkozy may be a wee bit miffed because President Obama sent a letter to the ex-President of France, Chirac, instead of to current President Sarkozy promising four years of cooperation. I thought Obama was the smooth anti-Bush who would never bumble, blunder, or offend. Wait, that was his advertisements during the campaign. Well, did we really expect someone whose sum total of executive experience came as a community organizer, and who had never ran anything bigger than a presidential campaign, to run foreign policy? Wasn't that what Hillary Clinton was supposed to do? By the way, is she still working at State because I'm thinking maybe it's time we put her mug on a milk carton because she is a missing person in the Obama Administration.

Sarkozy isn't the only one mad at Obama. Here's a short list – on oldie but goodie – of a few of Obama's faux pas for just one week. Is there a Guinness Book of World Records for this sort of thing because I think Jimmy Carter has finally found some competition.

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