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You Are Not Your Job

It seems like one of the first questions someone asks when you meet
them is, “What do you do for a living?” It’s not a bad question and
can tell you something about a person. However, what you do – your
job, career or what have you is a part of you. It isn’t you.

Each person is a complex world of experiences, opinions, beliefs,
hopes, fears, dreams and other emotions. So knowing what someone does
during a few working hours of the day only tells you a little. It
seems too often people ask the question aiming to size you up. You
could be a cashier in a service station, a jobber, a sales
representative, a mechanic, a machine operator, a doctor, a lawyer, a
researcher or anything else, but that doesn’t tell me who you are, You
can know someone a lifetime and not know them completely.

Me? I’m that machine operator working in a plant recycling plastic. I
love reading, politics, business, economics, current events, writing
and more. I’m married almost 15 years. I still love my wife. I miss my
dog Herbie that passed away last year, and laugh at my new dog Rocco
when he chases flies. Who am I? I’m still becoming, and what I do – my
job – is a part of me, but it isn’t me.

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