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Restore States’ Rights: Take the State!

Lately, I have been contemplating how to restore the proper balance between the states, people and federal government. I finally concluded that the best course of action to take was to elect state officials who would pledge to support the Tenth Amendment and stand up to the Big Oppressive federal government.

I started a site, Take the State, to focus on this important battle. If you believe in the following, please join us.

1. States are the bulwark of freedom.

2. The federal government has exceeded its legitimate Constitutional authority and has transformed from a limited to an unlimited government. 

3. The states and people must do everything within the limits of the law and our Constitution to restrain the power of the federal government.

4. We must elect leaders for state offices who pledge to support the legitimate rights of the states and people as outlined in the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution.

5. States must reject federal government mandates and grants-in-aid which are instruments to coerce and blackmail the states to give up their rights.

6. The 17th Amendment to the Constitution allowing for the direct election of Senators must be repealed and the authority to select Senators be returned to state legislatures.

7. The 16th Amendment to the Constitution allowing for the income tax must be repealed in order to shrink the size and scope of the federal government.

8. The Constitution must be amended to reassert the states’ rights over education. The federal government has no legitimate role in education.

9. National Guard units must be restored to their proper role of defending the individual states and the United States rather than being used to augment active duty military units. Furthermore, these units must be under the authority of state governors and not the federal government.

While many focus on the federal government, including the White House, the House and Senate, I believe that we won’t have limited government, and a return to individual liberties, until the states take a stand and demand that the federal government return to its legitimate, Constitutionally limited functions.

Please join us in this fight to restore individual liberty, freedom, and limited government.

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