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Suddenly Greenspan Finds His Inner Miss Cleo

Alan Greenspan, Bubble-Blower-In-Chief, has suddenly found his inner Miss Cleo, and with unemployment at 9.8%, boldly predicts it will top 10%.


Wow, I can see why he was believed to be the all-seeing, all-knowing Federal Reserve (FED) Chairman now. I mean who could have seen 10% plus unemployment coming? OK, so Mish Shedlock saw 10% plus unemployment coming. But our all so bright Congress passed the 700 Billion plus economic stimulus package, and Obama signed it because it was supposed to keep unemployment from rising.

Greenspan is a bit like my wife when we're driving and one second before the turn she says, "You need to turn here." Thanks Alan, but we didn't need you to tell us that unemployment was going to go above 10%. You, Congress and the President could have figured that out by reading a financial blog.

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