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Judge Napolitano: Repeal the 17th Amendment

Respected Judge and Constitutional scholar Andrew Napolitano offers up his reasons why the 17th Amendment – direct election of U.S. Senators – should be repealed.

I wholeheartedly agree with Judge Napolitano that to achieve the proper balance between state interests, individuals, and the national (formerly federal) government, we must abolish the 17th Amendment.

That is why I started Take the State. The purpose of Take the State is to restore the states as an important counterweight to the power of the national government, transform our government back to a federal government – instead of the current national government, allow the states to flourish as laboratories of innovation, and protect individual rights by reimplementing limited government.

If those sound like worthy goals to you, please join us at Take the State. We are currently working on creating a 17th Amendment Pledge for state candidates so we can elect state officials committed to restoring state sovereignty and a vibrant system of federalism.

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