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Changing California Begins With You

Adnan Shahab is a conservative, Republican candidate for the California State Assembly. He is fiscally conservative and wants to get California spending under control. With all of the bad news coming out of California, including their recent (additional) one billion dollar budget shortfall, California really needs good people in their government to get things turned around.

Even if you aren't from California, this should be something that concerns you. It isn't good for California, or other states for that matter, to have a dysfunctional California. There are signs in other parts of the country that people are sick and tired of their current crop of politicians. Republicans also recently won the mayoral contest in Albuquerque, New Mexico and swept the Wake County School Board elections in Raleigh, North Carolina. Those have been Democrat strongholds for years.

Something is happening in the United States. The people are awakening from their long slumber and realizing that we have allowed our federal system to be transformed into an almost unlimited national government. If a Republican can win in Albuquerque and Raleigh, then Adnan Shahab can win in the San Francisco Bay area. If we want limited government, we must support candidates such as Adnan Shahab in CA-20 who support the Tenth Amendment and have pledged to defend the powers reserved for the states and the people.

I'm not asking you to put your faith in the Republican or Democratic parties. Instead, you need to seek individuals who you can trust to defend your rights. Adnan Shahab is just such a candidate. Please take a look at where he stands on the issues affecting California and contribute to his campaign. It is the only way to restore the proper balance between the states, people and the national government. It is the only way to restore federalism.
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