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Environmental Journalism: Endangered Species?

When Phelim McAleer, director of Not Evil, Just Wrong, at Society of Environmental Journalists Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin, attempted to ask former Vice-President Al Gore, about the British court case that found his documentary An Inconvenient Truth had 9 significant errors, the VP dissembled, trying to change the subject.

It is fairly typical of the tactics taken by the environmental movement:

  • Make misleading, unproven or untrue claims
  • When you get caught, don't address the question
  • When asked a direct question, try and change the subject
  • When evidence contrary to your beliefs is presented, silence the questioner
It is even more incredible that this took place at a meeting of journalists who, in theory, believe in the First Amendment right of free speech. Unless, of course, that right gets in the way of fuzzy little polar bears being in danger from the ice melting. By the way, polar bear populations are increasing, not decreasing. 

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