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Global Warmers Hope I’ll Get Frostbite

It's not easy being a climate heretic these days, with the groupthink (if you can call it thinking) going on at Climate Progress. If you don't agree with the Center for American Progress and folks like John Podesta and Van Jones, then surely there is something wrong with you. They'll call you a superfreak or FAKER (Famous “Authorities” whose Knowledge (of climate) is Extremely Rudimentary). If climate skeptics are so wrong, why do the climate "experts" expend so much energy debunking them? If the climate "experts" are the knowing adults trying to save the earth, then why do they hurl insults like they are second graders?

Well, just to goad the warmers, er, climate change experts, here are a few of my favorite links to sites that are oh so skeptical of climate change.

Global Climate Scam

Climate Skeptic

Climate Audit

So, have a nice weekend all you warmers. If you're lucky, we have a freeze warning in our local area – maybe I'll get frostbite.

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