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Senate Health Care Bill 1,502 Pages

101909 America’s Healthy Furture Act 2009 Leg.pdf
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It looks like the House and Senate want to wrap up Health Care Reform within the next two weeks or so. The latest Senate version of the bill, “America’s Healthy Future Act” weighs in at an obese 1,502 pages.

Since I know Congress won’t read the bill before passing it, I thought you might want to take a look at it. Don’t blink, it will probably have changed before you get started reading it.

I have only finished reading a few pages, but it looks like the health care plan will make private insurance a pretty untenable business to be in. Then, you and I can enjoy the pure joy of being part of government administered health care. It will be like Cash for Clunkers, only you and I will be the clunkers.

This bill will also make you and your state even more subservient to the national government and its bureaucrats. If you have had enough of government trampling on your rights, please visit Take the State and join us in restoring liberty and freedom at the state and local level.

Well, happy reading. Be sure to tell your Representative and Senators what you think of government run health care.

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