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Dr. Seuss on Spreading the Wealth Around

Wouldn't it be nice if we could spread the wealth around? It's nice to share. However, there is one little problem that you may have encountered. Sometimes when you share, others will take advantage of you. This isn't to say, don't share – but be aware there are those who will happily take all that you have and more.

Barack Obama advocates spreading the wealth around. It sounds nice – like sharing. The problem is, someone is always willing to take everything you make. Then you are left with nothing more to share.

Dr. Seuss understood this and clearly communicated the problem with big heartedness in "Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose". Thidwick is a generous moose who allows first one, then a host of "pests" to ride for free on his antlers. Eventually, they become a big burden on Thidwick. Eventually, Thidwick – weighed down by the freeloaders, and pursued by hunters – tosses his antlers to the hunters and the freeloaders end up stuffed on the hunters' trophy wall.

It's a good lesson. It's good to be generous, but be aware that some will take advantage of your generosity. Some will take over and above your capacity to give, destroying your ability to do good. Government schemes to spread the wealth around will ultimately destroy the economic engine of our country – capitalism – and our individual ability to be truly generous. Forced government generosity isn't generous or big hearted. It is greedy and destructive. Government is just one more freeloader hoping to live off our generosity for one more day. Problem is, government is even tougher to slough off than the pests who rode on poor Thidwick's antlers.

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