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Not Waiting for Party, Politician to Save Me

I have been interested in politics ever since I was a little kid. After discovering a book about the U.S. Presidents, I became fascinated with politics and the presidency. For many years I held the rather conventional view that political candidates and parties mattered. Maybe I'm just getting older, and hopefully wiser, but I no longer believe that politicians or political parties have any meaningful role to play in my life.

Don't misunderstand, the politicians and the corrupt interests that own them can screw things up, but that's nothing new. But, I can no longer wait for the next politician full of promise, and making promises, to save me. Even if some politician could – which I doubt – why should I wait around?

I have better things to do. Does anyone seriously believe that any candidate knows better than you do, what's in your best interest. And, even if you screw your life up horribly, isn't falling down and getting back up what teaches us and allows us to improve?

Does anyone believe that a political party cares more about your future and well being than your family and friends do? I don't, not even for a second.

In economics, the Austrian Economists speak about malinvestment – the misallocation of resources often due to government policy-making. Well, I think party politics, spending your hard-earned money and scarce time on politicians who disappoint time and time again is malinvestment of the highest order.

Eternally, only God can save you. In the here and now, you're going to have to muddle through and build the best life you can for yourself and those you love. Nobody else can or will do better for you than you will for yourself.

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