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Bullish on the Tea Party?

Should we be economically bullish that the Tea Party will at last force fiscal sanity upon Congress and unleash the economic potential of our country?

I am not optimistic it will do so. Unless we repeal the 17th Amendment which took the selection of Senators out of the hands of state governments, repeal the 16th Amendment which brought forth the pestilence of income taxes and massively bloated government (aka Fedzilla), put the 10th Amendment front and center when discussing our liberty, restore the rule of law, and force through a Congressional agenda that includes auditing, then eliminating, the Federal Reserve Bank, makes Congress cite it's Constitutional authority to pass a proposed piece of legislation, ensures that our representatives actually read the bills they vote on, keeps special interests and the White House from writing bills, prevents log rolling which encourages back-room deals and pork, allow adequate time for public comment on proposed legislation, and more, then I see no reason for optimism that any future Congress will be a significant improvement from the current one.

The simple fact is, depending on the political establishment for the protection of your rights and economic liberty is not the best path to take. A better path is to restore our country and the Constitution by taking the steps outlined above. If you want government to consume fewer tax dollars, then you must forbid it from confiscating your money (property) through the income tax. If you want a Congress that respects the rights of the states and people, then you must restore proper oversight by allowing the states to control the process of selecting U.S. Senators and sending representatives to Congress who respect and honor the Tenth Amendment. I suspect that Senators selected by state legislatures would be much more reluctant to stomp on the rights of the states and the people and pass legislation such as Health Care Reform.

Over the course of the last hundred years or so, we have allowed our system of federalism to devolve into a highly centralized national government. This has eroded our economic liberty. Unfortunately, we don't have any political party that will restore what we have lost. Tea Party or no, I'm not optimistic that gradualism – or trying to convince the thieves to kindly give us back what they have stolen – will work. If we want our liberty back, we'll have to take it back or humbly submit to our masters in Washington, DC.
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