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Need to Forget (Poem)

A brief intro: Sometimes we all just need to forget. Other times our forgetting is not deliberate. What's it all about? I forget.

Need to Forget

I just need to forget.

The past.

Need to forget to remember to take my medication.

Don't know why I ever wanted to remember.

Not now. Not now.

Don't remind me.

Quit trying to help me all the time.

All the reminders not worth the paper they're written on.

Remember when nothing was impossible?

Not anymore.

Try to remember to take out the garbage.

Finish the project.

You've got potential.

Need to forget.

Try to remember why you got married.

She thought you were someone else.

Then one day she woke up with you.

Sorry for that.

One day you're vertical.

The next you're horizontal forever.

Died bolt upright in your La-z-boy.

You were at peace until I tried CPR.

Should have let you rest in peace.

Still trying to forget.

Tears we've cried.

Lies we've lied.

Lives we've led.

The deaths we've died.

Should have tried.


Make an effort.

Try harder.

Take the magic pill so I can retire.

What was I thinking?

Some day.

I'll make it.

One day.

You'll be proud of me.

Forget it.

Try to forget me.

You need to.

I was never here.

At least not that you noticed.

A stranger lingered for a while.

Too long.

It was me.


I forget.
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