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YouCut: You Suck

It's appropriate that in an age with reality T.V. and talent competitions, our so-called leaders offer up something called YouCut. I guess I should be thrilled that our Representatives in Washington, D.C. have all converted to Mr. Smith Goes to Washington types and are finally looking out for the little peons…oops, people.

Guess what? I'm not thrilled. In fact, I'm offended. First of all, after years of Tea Party protests our leaders still think we're so stupid that throwing us a bone – some measly tax cuts, is enough. Well, it's not enough. It's not within a country mile of near enough.

Amongst the "winning" ideas on YouCut is reforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. You remember? Fannie and Freddie, where the government is socializing all of the mortgage losses from their grand scheme to make us an "ownership" society. Congratulations, you – the taxpayer – own  hundreds of billions – if not much, much more – in garbage.

May I propose something vastly simpler and capitalistic – remember Capitalism? Eliminate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Get the government out of mortgages. If private banks, mortgage companies, etc. aren't willing to finance and risk all of their own money on a mortgage, then don't make the loan.

The idea of these pathetic cuts assumes that the government has any right to what I earn. Government doesn't. Participating in YouCut is about as practical as helping your master design your chains and shackles. "Ooh, I want the silver shackles!" 

I reject YouCut's and government's premise. I don't believe in negotiating with the government and humbly asking them if I may keep a few crumbs after they have feasted on my labor. It is government that should humbly submit to the people as servants, and ask for no more than absolutely necessary to carry out its proscribed duties under the Constitution. 

It's time to repeal the 16th Amendment – the income tax – and end this YouCut silliness. Oh yes, we should cut government…to the bone. I'm sick and tired of negotiating for what is already mine.

YouCut – you suck, and so does the premise behind our out-of-control government at present.
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