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Hey GOP: Uncertainty Not the Problem

Not all politicians are pinheads, but just about all of them are. Representatives John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and relentlessly pushed the meme of uncertainty. I’m not sure what planet they live on, but here on Earth, let me assure them, uncertainty is not the greatest problem facing the United States of America.

Here are a few problems they might want to check into first:

  • Credit / Debt Crisis: Across the board – personal, local, state, and national – society has accumulated too much debt. This has resulted in people being forced to save more and pay down their debts. This has also led to a contraction in credit extended, as well as a reduction in demand for credit as businesses don’t have sufficient customers to risk taking on additional loan debt.
  • Debt-Based Economy: Under our fractional reserve banking system, no money is created unless a corresponding debt is created. This system has lead to the steady devaluation of our currency, the transfer of vast sums of wealth to the wealthiest in society, and the slow destruction of the middle class.
  • Unaccountable Government: Our government is essentially unaccountable to the people. Sure, we hold regular elections, but this changes very little. Our politicians are richly rewarded for crafting legislation that benefits their patrons while, generally, harming the people. The whole process generally is opaque and not subject to public review or scrutiny. People have lost nearly all faith that government serves them in any way.
  • Widespread Financial Fraud: The American people know that banks of other powerful financial interests have and continue to commit fraud on a widespread basis. Banks play extend and pretend with junk financial instruments, lie about the value of the assets on their books, fraudulently foreclose on houses for which they do not legally own, and more. 
  • No Regard for Rule of Law: The powerful regularly circumvent the rule of law. What President Obama did when the government took over General Motors, handing money and benefits to union cronies, while negating the rights of bondholders was theft, plain and simple. Where are the convictions for all the fraudulent liar loans issued to people who purchased homes, but never had to prove they had the ability to make payments? The list goes on and on.
  • The Deficit: The U.S. doesn’t have the money to meet its current or future obligations. We may be able to get away with this for a few more years, but eventually there will be a sovereign debt crisis. Unlike Japan, we have been a debtor nation for some time and our savings rate was low relative to there savings rate. So, unfortunately, our crisis could occur much more suddenly than the Japanese crisis did.
That’s not nearly a complete list, but just a few things off the top of my head. Americans aren’t so much uncertain, as certain. We’re certain that our government has no intention of dealing with any of the real problems that face us. We are certain that our government is corrupt, incompetent or both. We are certain that government needs to be vastly reduced in size and scope, far beyond what Republicans have proposed in their Pledge or YouCut. We’re certain that we’re not so stupid that repeating the word uncertainty over and over and over again is going to blind us to the fact that unless we deal with the above, the decline of our nation will be certain. Perhaps the only uncertain thing is whether justice still reigns, and if it does, how swiftly it will come to those that brought our nation to the brink.
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    September 27, 2010 at 1:35 pm
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