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Job / Employment / Career Scam: RSA RSAC HR

November 14, 2010 4 comments

I was recently asked by a friend of my wife to look into Recruiting and Staffing Services – RSA / RSAC HR – to see if they were a legitimate job / employment / career / placement agency. 

In about ten minutes I found they had all the hallmarks of a scam artist including:

  • Charging the prospective employee a fee. In this case $297.00 to get them a job.
  • No privacy policy.
  • Cited as a scam by one or more Internet scam watchdog sites.
  • Business address and phone numbers in different states.
  • Efforts to hide domain ownership.
  • Unusual domain name hosting / configuration.
See below for the letter I sent outlining more specific details of why – Recruiting and Staffing Careers / RSA / RSAC HR – is a scam. I find it despicable that in today's ugly economic environment – where 17% (22% by some measures) of the population is unemployed or underemployed – that a company would attempt to commit fraud on those desperate to find work.

Here are some links referring to RSC or RASC HR as a scam:

This company has a Florida addrress but the contact telephone number is a land line in Joanna, South Carolina. I find this suspicious.

The Whois information – domain name owner – is hidden. They used a company called This is suspicious. A legitimate business has no need to hide the ownership or where the business is located, who the webmaster is, etc.

Another odd thing is that the nameservers of the web site are:

It would be very unusual for a legitimate recruiting or other business to have shared hosting. It isn't unheard of, but it is unusual that they would be sharing hosting services with what apparently will be a religious web site.

It seems strange that any legitimate staffing company would have Google AdWords advertising on their web site. Not sure why a legitimate recruiter would want to send traffic to their competitors.

The privacy policy page does not exist. Any legitimate recruiting agency of any size or number of years in business would have a privacy policy.

In addition, it is usually a sign of a scam when a "recruiter" charges job seekers a fee for finding them a job.

A legitimate recruiter charges the employer, not the prospective employee a fee.

There is probably more wrong on this site, but I think the above is more than sufficient. I wouldn't touch this supposed job recruiter site with somebody else's 10-foot pole, and certainly wouldn't give them one red cent.

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