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Time for a Siege of Washington, D.C.?

This is an idea that I had contemplated a while back. However, organizing is not my greatest strength and I am glad that someone else has a similar idea of laying siege to the government and the Federal Reserve (and by extension all of the Too Big to Fail banking institutions that continue to violate the rule of law and manipulate the political system). 

On January 21, 2011, the Guardians of Liberty will lay siege to federal offices in DC and all over the country. These peaceful sieges will remain in effect until: 

Obamacare is Repealed
The Federal Reserve is Audited and Ended
Our rights are recognized by every government agency
No Compromises!
We Stop When IT Stops!

A siege, in a traditional sense, is the surrounding of a castle or town in order to force the inhabitants to comply with the demands of the occupying forces. It is a method of attrition. In our sense, it is a civil action designed to bring the cause of injustice to the public eye and to the politicians who have the power to restore liberty to the people. It takes people to show up and to remain on the line during the entirety of the siege not only in DC, but in localities all across the land at federal office buildings and unconstitutional bureaucracies of the many different U.S. Departments.  

The government continues on a reckless path of destruction, increasing the debt, allowing banks to hide their insolvency, turning a blind eye the massive fraud in mortgages – including foreclosure fraud, allowing the debasement of our currency through Quantitative Easing, ignoring the will of the people at every opportunity, destroying jobs and the middle class, negotiating trade agreements guaranteed to further erode our manufacturing base, send jobs overseas, and equalize our wages (downward) to those of much poorer nations.

None of this is accidental, and asking politely through quaint letters, emails, phone calls and protests will never ever bring about the desired results.

If it is not already too late and we hope to restore something our constitutional republic, now is the time.

We must begin a continuous, peaceful protest that brings us face-to-face with the powers that have brought our country to the brink of disaster.

The alternative is the complete destruction of our political/economic system by those we have entrusted to protect it, and the end of our way of life.
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