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Taxes and Spending: Sick of Irresponsible Politicians, Lying MSM

I was watching an interview today with Chris Wallace and Congressman Peter Welch (D) from Vermont. The interview was absolutely infuriating. While Representative Welch attempted to discuss the effects of extending Bush tax rates on the deficit, Chris Wallace ignored what Welch was saying, instead focusing on who would win the political "game" in Washington.

This is the ongoing pattern of our politics and media today. Karl Denninger made a very salient point about this tax deal on The Market Ticker.

A $2 trillion deficit would put our deficit over 14% of GDP next year, which is higher than the level that triggered the explosion in Greece and Ireland.  And there is nothing in this proposal that offsets with spending cuts, so as far as I can tell, it's all going right on the credit card.

We have clear examples in Greece and Ireland of what will likely happen if we don't reign in our ballooning deficit, but we do worse than nothing. Instead we're on a path to make the deficit worse. In response our politicians and the MSM try to distract us with the false debate of tax increases. Don't get me wrong, I am opposed to tax increases. What I favor is radically smaller government, but that isn't what our irresponsible politicians and T.V. talking heads are chattering about. Whatever you call this – a tax cut or simply maintaining the current Bush tax rates, the result will be to dramatically increase the deficit. It will add around $900 billion more to the deficit over the next two years.

Supposedly one of the reasons Republicans were elected this November was to deal with the outrageous deficit and growth of the deficit under Obama. This will instead increase the deficit while doing nothing to shrink the size of government.

Democrats aren't any better. Many of them would prefer to raise taxes while doing nothing to stop or even slow the ever expanding federal government.

Denninger concludes his article about the tax deal with this:

If you were wondering if we were going to run smack into the wall at 100mph and splatter our nation, wonder no more – the answer is YES.

We have no leadership in this country. People in positions of political and economic authority continue to thwart the clear will of the people to deal with our out of control government, including the extra-legal actions of the Federal Reserve. Our government is bought and paid for multiple times over. If you think you are a "constituent" you're sadly mistaken. In our vulturocracy you're merely a carcass to be picked clean by the powers that be.

Our politicians didn't listen to us when the economic crisis began, have continued to ignore us, and won't listen to us in the future unless we lay peaceful siege to Washington, D.C., the Too Big to Fail banks, the Federal Reserve, etc. Until we do so this crap will continue. I don't know about you, but I am sick of these vultures.  
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