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Beatweek: Apple Propagandists

In an earlier post I outlined how Beatweek Magazine revealed how not to do social media.

Apparently, unless I am missing something, they aren’t too good about correcting mistakes in their propaganda – er, articles.

In an article entitled “Four in 5 iPhone users will buy another one; 4 in 5 Android users bailing” they spread a CNN error (imagine that) stating that 4 in 5 Android users would not buy an android again. In actuality the article was later corrected and stated:

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that 20% of Android customers say they’ll buy another Android phone. The survey actually revealed that 20% of all smartphone customers say they’ll buy an Android phone.

Congratulations to Beatweek Magazine on their fine reporting, editing and fact checking. I guess I shouldn’t be too harsh, it’s only been a year since Beatweek published that hit piece, er article. Maybe next year they’ll get around to correcting their “mistake”.

Maybe they should change their name to Beatweak.
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