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Europe not Saved

If you have been watching the MSM coverage of the European crisis, you might conclude that their financial crisis has been resolved, or at least started down the path to resolution.

However, Mike “Mish” Shedlock has a very good article outlining why the crisis is no nearer a resolution than before.

This goes hand in hand with the recent smack down of gold and silver prices. The MSM, is part of a larger power structure that has no interest in your financial independence, personal liberty, etc. The predictable drumbeat of propaganda against gold and silver continues with the recent CNBC call of a double top in gold.

Government across the world have done virtually nothing to deal with the overhanging government and personal debt crises that have enveloped the world. Until, and unless, governments deal with deleveraging – and get out of the way of the process – our economic situation won’t improve and we will only put off the inevitable until later.

Europe has not been saved, and government, the MSM, etc. aren’t interested in your financial independence and personal liberty. In fact, their interest is just the opposite – they want you to be indebted and dependent. Don’t believe the propaganda and don’t allow anyone to rob you of the opportunity to be truly free.
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