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I’m Frustrated With Obama. Does That Make me a Racist?

Apparently, blacks are frustrated with Obama too. Welcome to the club. From what I have read progressives, environmentalists, conservatives, zombies, leprechauns, and the Keebler Elves are all frustrated with Obama. Pretty much everyone on either side of the hopey / changey not-so-great debate have a beef with Obama. 

I have a pretty active account on Twitter (@tkinder) and it used to be anytime I criticized Obama – even the slightest criticism – was met by an onslaught of opposing Tweets. My favorite Tweets were those that accused me of racism for daring to criticize the president. I guess I must have hated white people when I criticized the previous administration and Congress for enacting the stimulus too. Funny, but now when I criticize Obama on Twitter the response is usually crickets (silence). Seems like a good sign for Obama’s re-election chances.

Interestingly, black unemployment hasn’t been so high since that “evil conservative” Reagan was in office. It’s ironic that Obama, who so many attributed almost magical powers to, has left his main political supporters stranded high and dry. Reagan thought government was the problem while Obama looks at it as the solution. Seems like the government solution hasn’t worked out too well thus far.

As a side bar, the AP news story I referred to above consists of five very short paragraphs, but has two bylines (writers). Really? It takes two writers to write an article no longer than a short blog post? What, one writer did the heavy lifting of researching and writing while the other was responsible for writing? Or, perhaps, one did the writing while the other did the intensive background interviews needed for the article?

Anyhow, I’m getting pretty exhausted from writing such a long blog post since I’m not a professional writer working for the AP. If it wasn’t for my assistant editor Rocco, I don’t know how I’d ever finish a single blog post.
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