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My Dog Rocco Catches a Frisbee

My dog Rocco, a half Jack Russell Terrier and half Cocker Spaniel mix just learned to catch a Frisbee the other day.

I tried to teach him how to do this a number of months ago, but at the time he was too scared of the Frisbee to catch it.

Recently, he learned how to catch a ball in mid-air, so I figured that maybe he could use the same skill to catch a Frisbee.

Unlike fetching a ball, however, Rocco won’t voluntarily let go of the Frisbee after catching it. With a ball he will retrieve it and either drop it, or almost throw it back to you. With the Frisbee you either have to pick him up so he will drop the Frisbee, grab hold of the Frisbee and drag him to the edge of the stairs, or get a second Frisbee so he will drop the first one.

So, needless to say, our Frisbee catching sessions are shorter than our sessions of fetching the ball. It gets a little tedious trying to pry the Frisbee out of his mouth.

Rocco also tends to get a little possessive of the flying disc as well. He has growled at me a few times when I attempted to get the Frisbee – something he doesn’t do (except in play) with the ball.
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