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Obama: Hell’s Soup Kitchen

How is it that President Obama and his family visit and volunteer in a soup kitchen in the nation’s capital, and none of the all-so-incisive journalists there question how such poverty can exist right underneath the spigot of so much government largess?

Plus, I thought that more government intervention was needed in the economy because “greedy corporations”, the “rich” and other “selfish” Americans wouldn’t take care of those in need. Didn’t we need a community organizer-in-chief to ensure that money could be funneled to those who needed it. I thought the idea of volunteering was antiquated. Certainly, central planners would be much better at directing money to those in need than I, as a mere individual, could ever be.

Certainly, the voluntary efforts and decisions of individuals couldn’t best central planners and organize a soup kitchen right in the heart of the nation’s capital. No, our leaders in Congress, the president, and a mountain of government agencies could never be out hustled by a bunch of non-experts. Wouldn’t it take an army of government experts to feed the hungry? Apparently not. The fact that poverty exists right underneath the noses of our brilliant central planners should tell you everything you need to know about their supposed brilliance. Now, just imagine these geniuses “executing” their plans in ever widening concentric circles further and further from the center of the nation’s decision-making apparatus. Yeah, that’s going to work. That’s why the president is volunteering in a soup kitchen right there in Hell, er Washington, D.C.
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