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CNBC Debate: Economic Experts?

I like how CNBC "modestly" presented themselves as economic experts before their presidential debates. I didn't really see that expertise in many of their questions, or in the assumptions behind their questions.

To be fair, not too many of the candidates demonstrated expertise either. Ron Paul, to me demonstrates the greatest understanding of how the economy works and what needs to be done in order to extricate our nation from the current economic crisis.

Not sure if I am a fan, but Gingrich impresses me as extremely intelligent, and you could see his frustration with a debate format that generates much more heat than light.

It's too bad that a debate centered around economic issues couldn't be moderated by economics bloggers with additional questions submitted by the public. Certainly the questions asked would be more intelligent and produce better responses than those posed by the supposed "economics experts" of CNBC.

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