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I Swear My Dog has ADD


Maybe I am like the Lion judging the world by its condition, but I swear my dog has ADD. So do I.

Rocco is half Jack Russell Terrier, and half Cocker Spaniel, although he leans much more toward the Jack Russell side. His ears are floppy, and that seems to be his biggest Cocker Spaniel trait.

But, back to Rocco's ADD. He has the attention of a tree squirrel. For example, he really loves to play fetch with his ball. He's great at fetching. Jack Russels were bred to hunt and chase small prey into their holes. So, a Jack Russell will chase. If you don't watch them carefully when you take them outside they will give chase to a rabbit, a car or whatever they see that looks worth going after.

Despite that, Rocco has a notoriously short attention span. He'll fetch the ball three, four, five, maybe six times and then he goes and gets a drink. He'll fetch some more, and then he eats two or three small bites of his dog food. Then he wants you to rub his belly. Then he wants to see his Mom. Then he wants to lay down and chew his ball.

It's pretty bad when I am more into the fetching game than he is. Maybe it's time for Rocco to get some doggie Adderall. I'm only kidding…maybe.

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