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PC is the New Dodo

Is the PC the new Dodo Bird? While it may be, for now, somewhat of an exaggeration to declare that the PC is in danger of extinction, it certainly seems possible that we may be reading of its demise in the future.

Sure, some people will need a PC, Mac, Linux machine or something similar to perform certain tasks. However, for the vast majority of personal PC users, there is less and less need for a PC.

I recently purchased a tablet along with a case and small keyboard and it is more than adequate for most things that I do such as writing, researching, communicating, etc.

It will be interesting to see what effect this will have on Apple and Microsoft. Microsoft has lived off big, fat margins on its PC OS software and Windows programs for decades. Many of these programs are now available on the cloud or similar programs are available free or for a very low cost.

The PC upgrade cycle has been largely been based on the software update cycle dictated by Microsoft and Apple. In the future I can imagine simply purchasing a new tablet and only having to migrate a minimum of information stored on an SD card, or better yet – no data migration as it will be stored on the cloud. Sure, the cloud isn’t perfect, but for many of us it works just fine.

Over the years I have become less and less of a fan of Microsoft. My PC with the Microsoft OS is a constant source of aggravation with its constant need to be updated and protected from a multitude of potential threats – threats that would likely be less threatening if Microsoft designed better software.

Over the past few years I have leaned much more heavily toward Ubuntu Linux as it is easier to update, less vulnerable to attacks, and more than adequate over 90% of the time for the work I do.

Google, despite many privacy concerns, just may outflank both Microsoft and Apple with its Android system so prevalent on Smart Phones and Tablets. The already unappealing Windows has become even moreso after purchasing a tablet. A pretty large ecosystem of items sprung up around PCs. Much of it was inconvenient, didn’t work right, and was overly complicated. For the most part, I haven’t yet experienced that with my tablet. It isn’t perfect and there are some things that are lacking, but overall the experience is much more enjoyable. Certainly my wife enjoys it as I now spend much more time with her writing on my tablet and less time in my “hole” where the PC has been relegated to. If this story is repeated across the country and the world it could turn out especially bad for Microsoft, and perhaps Apple as well.

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