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So Sick of Politics

Does anyone still believe that we’re going to solve our current economic crisis through politics? Both political parties have displayed their ineptness for doing what needs to be done. Sorry if you support one or the other major political party, but they have no intention of taking the necessary action to reduce the deficit, ensure that financial crimes are prosecuted or make the necessary form to our monetary system to ensure that we won’t be right back in the same situation as we are now in a few years.

There isn’t much reason to hope that the Tea Party is going to ride to the rescue either. There was a time I had a better feeling about the direction of the Tea Party. However, it seems they have steadily drifted into the arms of the Republican party, despite their protestations to the contrary of being bipartisan. There doesn’t appear to be any comprehensive strategy. Instead, there is – in the bigger tea party organizations – opportunism and a scattershot approach of fighting everything. In the end, fighting every piece of legislation results in accomplishing precious little. In the end, the strategy is a trap – an easy way to grind opposition down, distract, and continue pushing through an agenda by stealth. You fight one piece of legislation and two more equally bad or worse pieces of legislation rise up. It’s battle after battle with very few real victories.

The choices for president don’t offer much hope either. Barack Obama, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney? Better choices and different parties get a less-than-cursory examination. It’s asinine and insulting that the country is offered the choice of Cain – with no record or experience – as an alternative to Obama – who had precious little himself. The whole idea of a Cain-Obama election is too cute by half. Let’s offer up these two for totally superficial reasons when neither is truly who they appear to be and neither will be adequate to the task at hand. Cain’s most relevant experience is as part of the same central bank that perpetuated the economic crisis in the first place and has proved itself incapable of doing anything to resolve it. Why not just cut out the middle man and offer up Ben Bernanke as the Republican nominee for president?

We’re in deep trouble. We have an overwhelming amount of debt – both personal and governnental that needs to be cleared from the system before there can be any hope of an economic recovery. Politicians have no interest in proposing the painful measures necessary to return our nation and world to economic health. Politicians are beholden to entrenched interests – including financial, military and banking industries that have no interest in sacrificing their positions of power for the greater good of society.

It is highly doubtful that the 2012 elections will solve anything. It’s ironic that so many who claim to advocate for personal responsibility turn to government to impose their point of view on the rest of us. Personally, I would like government slashed to the bare minimum – over 90% would be best, but 50% would be a start. Most of the vast edifice of our current government falls outside of the clear boundaries of the Constitution and common sense. Expecting politicians to somehow throw off their corrupt nature and suddenly sacrifice themselves and their privilege for the rest of us is akin to fantasy. Better to prepare for the bad days that are likely to come. You shouldn’t think for a moment that the events of Europe will remain isolated there. After Greece and Italy there will be France and Spain. Slowly economies built on the sandstone of debt will crumble. Our day is coming. The best course of action is to prepare. Buy physical Gold and Silver to protect against a monetary system that could collapse under the stress. Make preparations for the worst-case scenario because hope is not a strategy. Perhaps we will get lucky and manage to pull things out of the fire, but it will be more luck than anything. Don’t count on politicians to save you.

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