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Cain’s Miss America Moment

The fact that so many people fell head over heels with Herman Cain for president is, frankly, pretty frightening.

Below is a link to Herman Cain’s Miss America moment answering questions about Libya:


I don’t expect candidates for president or presidents to know everything, but Herman Cain does not impress me as ready to be governor of a state, much less leader of the United States.

I think the whole Cain, and to an extent Romney as well, phenomena owes to the misconception that the U.S. government should be run like a business:


Our current problems have little to do with inefficient government management. We are currently in the middle of an economic crisis caused by unsustainable debt. This is complicated by the fact that our conception of government is so grand that we depend on it to resolve all of our problems. The fact is that the role for government should be limited. Government should provide an adequate defensive military capacity for the nation. Government should ensure that individual rights are protected and that people are not defrauded. Government should protect property rights. This list is not all-inclusive, but government should be extremely limited. Our current conception of government is so broad as to be both dangerous and meaningless.

We don’t need an efficient manager. We need a government small enough that it is manageable. We don’t need a CEO for America – we need a leader who will clearly and truthfully lay out the choices and consequences we face. It seems clear to me that Herman Cain is not that leader. Why are we in Libya in the first place? Why do we have a military? What is our strategy in the Middle East? What are our objectives and how will we know when we have achieved them? Should we even be there in the first place? What are the costs of leaving versus the costs of staying? A leader would ask those questiions and provide answers. It’s not enough to repeat platitudes. Being CEO of a pizza company isn’t the same as being president. There is almost nothing similar between the two jobs. Apart from the fact that Herman Cain isn’t ready to be president, we also need to deal with our unclear vision of the type of leadership we truly need to lead us to a better future – if that is what we’re really interested as demonstrated by our actions.

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