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Linux Mint 12 “Lisa”

Going to try out Linux Mint 12 “Lisa” on a spare computer that has been sitting around doing nothing. Currently have another computer running Ubuntu Linux. Plus I have another computer running Windows XP. Yes, my computer equipment is getting outdated, but I haven’t been able to justify the cost of upgrading.

Once Linux Mint 12 is installed and operating I will give it a quick review and let you know what my impressions of it are. Hopefully, it works well as I am not at all pleased with my Windows computer. The Ubuntu Linux machine is better, but it tends to run more slowly the longer I leave it on, and I’m not in the habit of turning computers off on a daily basis.

Just really need a machine to do simple things like surfing the Internet, printing the occasional document, and maybe some simple applications. Otherwise, I tend to lean toward accomplishing most other tasks on a tablet or smartphone. Eventually, I see myself spending virtually no time on the Windows or Linux machines. Instead, will likely try to do everything on tablet and smartphone. Document storage will all be on “the cloud” with critical documents backed up to a USB flash drive.
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