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Something About Romney

Once upon a time, early last presidential election cycle, I supported Romney for president. That support didn’t last long. In fact, the more I learned about him, and the more I observed him, the less I found to like. In the end, there was something about Romney that – while I can’t exactly put my finger on – I didn’t trust.

It’s a common criticism of Romney, and many other politicians, that he doesn’t appear to have a core set of beliefs. He is often viewed of shifting his views the way the political winds blow.

For example, on immigration, Romney presently expresses a very tough stance, but he has been tainted by the issue and haunted by his own prior position before:

On health care reform, Romney appears vulnerable. Not that Romney is the only one, but he has certainly been out front on advocating unpopular things such as the individual mandate in the past:

Romney’s statements regarding climate change being man made aren’t real crowd pleasers either – although, again, he isn’t the only Republican guilty of straying from positions on the issue more acceptable to the Republican base.


Campaign finance reform was another issue where his positions have changed:


There are simply so many of these shifting positions that you need a web site to track them all. Luckily, there is one called Mitt Romney Flip Flops:


There is just something about Mitt Romney that doesn’t set right. It doesn’t help that he even can’t get his own first name right:

In the interest of full disclosure my first name is actually Terence. But it got shortened to Terry by most people I know, so I normally go by that. However, I’m not confused as to what my first name is and I do use Terence on many legal documents.

Romney is symptomatic of the idea that government can be fixed, if only we had a CEO who could efficiently manage it all. I disagree with that notion here:


The office of the presidency primarily requires leadership. It also requires knowledge of the issues and someone who can negotiate the political landscape and know what needs to get done – or not done for that matter.

Perhaps, if our fiscal and political situation weren’t so dire, Romney might be adequate to the task. However, our situation is critical and we need someone who inspires more confidence and has a truer North than Romney does. In the end there is something about Romney that doesn’t sit right and for that reason I cannot support him for president.

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