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Why I Didn’t Take the Cain Train

There has been lots of excitement surrounding the candidacy of Herman Cain for president. It was something I have not understood.  Part of this excitement seems to be the ongoing meme that the United States Government needs to be run like a business. Implicit in this idea is that the budget crisis could be resolved, in part, by more efficient operation of the machinery of government. My view has been that government and business are dissimilar and the qualities of leadership needed to be president are not the same as those needed to run a large business enterprise.


Another concern surrounding Herman Cain has been his role and support of the Federal Reserve.

Cain chaired a board that gave economic advice to the Kansas City FED.


Cain has also been quite adament in his support for the FED and criticized those who wanted to audit them.


In light of the recent news that the FED provided $16 trillion dollars in support to the Too Big to Fail (TBTF) banks, it is easy to understand why FED supporters would not want the public to know about the activities of the central bank.

That Herman Cain opposed an audit of the Federal Reserve and suggested picking up the phone and asking the FED to send over this information makes him either appear naive or disingenuous.

On foreign policy, Cain appears to be lost. Part of this may be his not altogether bad tendency to rely on the advice of experts. But it seems that his constant refrain in debates is that it all depends. Again, this may or may not be true, but it makes him appear to be lacking in confidence and knowledge. His recent stumble on Libya also casts doubt on his knowledge of one of the most widely reported foreign policy related events in recent memory.


It is also interesting that in light of criticism of Obama’s lack of experience, Cain’s supporters have not been more concerned that Cain has never held elective office. He did, however, run for the U.S. Senate in a losing campaign.

These concerns about Cain don’t  even take into account the ongoing reports of harassment and an affair. While those are definitely serious, for me they are more personal in nature and something for Cain and his wife to work through.

So, no matter what happens with the Cain campaign, I have not and have no future plans of getting on the Cain Train. For me, there are simply too many doubts about Cain’s experience, support for the central bank, and knowledge about foreign policy to consider supporting his campaign for president.

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