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Chart: Pan American Silver PAAS

Pan American Silver PAAS Chart

The PAAS Chart Has Several Bullish Aspects

Pan American Silver (PAAS) has a 52-week low of $19.93 and has seemingly struggled with its price after agreeing to purchase Minefinders (MFN).

Despite this, its chart has some bullish aspects, including being near a 50/200 Day MA Crossover.

PAAS has been descending from its high of $43.06 since last April. You can see part of this descending line from the top left of the chart until it intersects with the ascending Andrew’s Pitchfork on the right.

As of the current time today, PAAS has managed to bounce off support at the bottom of the Andrew’s Pitchfork.

Pan American Silver Stock Chart

Pan American Silver Stock Chart by YCharts

PAAS rested right near that support of around $21.29 at the close on 3-18-12. You’ll also notice if you look carefully, that the bottom fork of the pitchfork and the sell trigger line are right on top of each other but will soon diverge.

I think as long as PAAS manages to stay within the pitchfork it should rise in price. I am thinking PAAS has put in its low price for the year. I don’t know if buying PAAS is like buying silver at a 93% discount, but I believe that with the purchase of Minefinders (MFN) you get a lot of silver and gold for a very low P/E of under 7.

Disclaimer: None of the above constitutes investing advice. It is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Please seek the counsel of a registered investment professional before investing. Didn’t your mother teach you anything?


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