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JCPenney JCP: Fantasy Stock Target Price, Fantasy Turnaround Plans

JCP Chart

JCP data by YCharts

So much chart real estate, so little time over $40.00. Yet, so many stock analysts think JCPenney JCP is a $40.00 plus stock. If you clicked on the link above you’ll find the consensus JCP stock price estimate is $43.00. Yes, $43.00. Take a look at the chart above. how much plus $40.00 JCP stock price days do you see? Not many. Yes, that last price is $35.76. Kind of makes the low-ball $29.00 JCP analyst look a little brainier (or more honest) than the rest.

This kind of maddening stock price analysis is why I want to slap a JCP stock analyst and then slap the stock analyst again.

I’m no Ivy League educated stock guru, but does it take one to read a the JCP stock chart?

I’m not the only one who sees through JCPenney’s lame effort to become the Apple of retailing, everyone’s favorite store, or whatever brain dead slogan they have come up with the help of their army of senior-VP’s recruited from Target.

Steven P Dennis does yeoman’s work analyzing the river of B.S. emanating from the JCPenney corporate communications department here, here, and here.

Yes, nothing makes an old, stodgy and boring retailer like JCPenney more nimble like a whole other layer of VP’s to muck everything up.

But, back to the chart’s, here is a look at the JCP 6-month stock price chart.

JCPenney JCP 6-month stock price chart

JCP: Whee! We're a $40.00 stock and then we're not.

While the price of JCP has slid recently, looking at the 21-day detrended price oscillator at the bottom of the chart, it is currently very oversold, so we should expect it to bounce back somewhat.

It is important to note, however, that JCP has strong overhead price resistance around the $40.00 mark – just where so many stock analyst are convinced it will break through. Why? I’m not sure.

In addition, the JCP stock price fell through the bottom of the purple colored Andrew’s Pitchfork and crossed the white sell trigger line. The sell trigger line and then, the bottom of the Andrew’s Pitchfork, become price resistance.

So, JCP has a long, long way before it even gets close to $40.00.

Now, let’s look at the JCP 5-year chart.

JCPenney JCP 5-year stock price chart

JCP: I see, I see JCP struggle to break forty.

On the 5-year JCP stock price chart, if you look at the white line on the 21-day detrended moving price average chart, you’ll notice JCP has rarely peaked up over the $40.00 price line. Aren’t those JCP stock analysts sunny optimists?!? “This year is going to be the year!” they shout as they lick their giant lollipops and gallop off on their broomstick horses.

In contrast to the 6-month chart, the 5-year chart indicates that long-term the JCP stock price is still overbought. Ouch! So, while we may get a head-fake uptick in price, expect the medium-to-long-term price trend to be down rather than up.

J. C. Penney

J. C. Penney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plus, with fantasy concepts such as a “store within a store” which I liken to concentric rings of Hell, JCPenney’s “plan” to revitalize their business with “everyday low prices” is as unbelievable as the stock analysts’ $43.00 JCPenney stock price target.


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