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USDCAD Balanced Range for 8/11/2014

August 12, 2017

USDCAD Balanced Range for 8/11/2014

Balanced Range Low: 1.2698

Balanced Range High: 1.4442

The balanced range is a proprietary measure of what the extreme low and high ends of price range are expected to be over the medium to long-term.

At times, currency pairs may be observed to be priced either above or below the balanced range. Generally, two things could happen when this is observed:

1. Price moves back toward the range – if it is below the range, then it moves higher in price and if it is above the range, it moves lower in price;

2. The range itself shifts either up or down to “engulf” the current price

Sometimes a combination of both may occur – price moves and the range moves simultaneously.

The balanced range is not designed to be the sole basis for your trading decisions and this post does not constitute investment advice. You should always seek the advice of a professional investment advisor before making any investments.

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