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Android Backup Application MyPhoneExplorer

After failing to get my HTC phone to sync for the past several attempts because of an error message saying “Fail to mount / unmount device storage card”, I started to look for a solution.

Ran across MyPhoneExplorer which has a client for your phone or tablet which can be downloaded at Google Play (formerly Android Market). The software for your PC can be downloaded here.

MyPhoneExplorer is a really handy application which will allow you to synchronize your phone or tablet to your PC. You can sync your files, contact, calendar, text messages and more using your USB cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

I won’t re-invent the wheel and do a review since Android Tapp has an excellent review of MyPhoneExplorer available.

If you are sick of the HTC sychronization software, I recommend you try MyPhoneExplorer.