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DJIA Completing a Top?

Looks like the Dow Jones Industrial Average is topping out. Check out the post below from Peter L. Brandt for charts and all the details.

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Charts: Gold and silver present very different pictures

From the always prescient Peter L Brandt – contrasting gold and silver charts. While gold appears to be forming a reverse head and shoulders formation, silver appears to be in a bearish channel. Click the link below for the full post and charts.

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Chart: Which Way McEwen Mining MUX

March 19, 2012 5 comments
McEwen Mining Close 3-16-12

McEwen Mining Mux Looks to Bounce off Support

It seems like lately, McEwen Mining (MUX) has been one of those mining stocks – along with Tanzanian Royalty Exploration (TRX) that has been getting slapped around. In fact, the charts of TRX and MUX do have some similarities.

Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Chart

TRX chart resembles MUX chart

Of cource, the MUX and TRX charts aren’t exactly alike. However, they both feature descending Andrew’s Pitchforks followed by ascending Andrew’s Pitchforks. The MUX chart, currently, seems to be holding the price a little more above the bottom pitchfork support – although TRX has been in the pattern longer so it has had more opportunities to temporarily break the support.

Both charts above are current as of the market close on 3-16-12.

McEwen Mining Stock Chart

McEwen Mining Stock Chart by YCharts

Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Stock Chart

Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Stock Chart by YCharts

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