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Reduce Carbon Emissions or Die

October 2, 2010 Leave a comment

The Warmers have really outdone themselves on this one. 10:10, an organization dedicated to reducing carbon emissions, created a mini-movie in the United Kingdom where people skeptical of the Warmers agenda are blown to bits. Of course they claim this was all in good fun and they are sorry to have offended anyone. Or, might I add, they should be sorry for suggesting it's OK to kill those opposed to their agenda.

Warning: If you are squeamish and don't like to view graphic depictions of people being blown to piece and splattered all over the place, then you might not care to view this video. 

It never fails to amaze how leftists, who claim to want to "save" us, can blithely suggest that it's OK to kill a few skeptics along the way if it advances their agenda. Just imagine the howls of protest and comparisons to Nazis if a right-leaning organization suggested killing the opposition.

Of course the leftist supporters of 10:10 could argue that only the "ignorant" right could possibly take such a film seriously. Never mind, that James J. Lee represents An Inconvenient Truth that some on the far left are willing to commit acts of violence to "save" the planet.

It's interesting that the left, which supposedly believes in "diversity", doesn't extend that "belief" to include open debate or difference of opinion.

Great, 10:10 is sorry. If you ask me, 10:10 is more than sorry – they are advocates of violence. Be sure and let them know how you feel, and be sure to tell their sponsors too.
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