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Beatweek: Apple Propagandists

In an earlier post I outlined how Beatweek Magazine revealed how not to do social media.

Apparently, unless I am missing something, they aren’t too good about correcting mistakes in their propaganda – er, articles.

In an article entitled “Four in 5 iPhone users will buy another one; 4 in 5 Android users bailing” they spread a CNN error (imagine that) stating that 4 in 5 Android users would not buy an android again. In actuality the article was later corrected and stated:

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that 20% of Android customers say they’ll buy another Android phone. The survey actually revealed that 20% of all smartphone customers say they’ll buy an Android phone.

Congratulations to Beatweek Magazine on their fine reporting, editing and fact checking. I guess I shouldn’t be too harsh, it’s only been a year since Beatweek published that hit piece, er article. Maybe next year they’ll get around to correcting their “mistake”.

Maybe they should change their name to Beatweak.
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Beatweek: How Not to do Social Media

July 31, 2011 2 comments


It’s amazing to me how someone can gain goodwill with one hand and then slap you in the face with the other.

Bill Palmer, Editor in Chief of Beatweek Magazine, is just one such person.

A few weeks ago, his magazine offered invites to all comers for G+. Wanting to try the service, I accepted the offer and promptly received an invite.

For the most part, his posts are OK. Not much I am interested in. However, for whatever reason, he has some kind of vendetta against Android phones. 

In reply to one of his G+ posts I replied that Android was better than iPhone.

His reply, at least in my opinion was rude, plus he offered no real evidence to back up his position. So, me being me, I fired off a smart aleck reply.

The whole issue is of monumentally unimportant. I did find it interesting that his magazine spent all that time trying to build up goodwill by sending all those invites, then he proceeds to flush it all down the drain by being himself. Weird.
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